The purpose of Akshar Prabhat

The devaluation of morals of humans & Bhartiya politics and sanatan culture which is effectting the Bhartiya life style. For the betterment, The decision was taken to Publish the Akashar Prabhat Magazine since 2nd april 2002 To introduce the youth with the traditional Bhartiya sanatan culture in its real sense. So that they could not only know the beauty of their haretagious knowledge but also could have self realization. Then Should be sensitive and also become wealthy. Bhartiya sanatan culture was the main resources of human expressions. Since last Thousand of years sadhak, saint, mahatmas are spenting their lives in the country and worlds, giving presentation physicaly.Their main purpose is to bless the world and creating awareness of humanty, truth nonvoilence & brave.

The thought of Bharat

we don’t care about the border. our massege is about affection, as far it can reach. Our duty is to give massege about the peace and brother – hood, in devided humanity by our own words so in Bharat all panthas were self realized it shows true feeling towards humanity.

Akshar Prabhat

Through the Akshar we are involve in uniting the society. By giving you all a chance to help each other on this Charity work bless and be partnered. Akshar Prabhat’s effort is your effort It provides Opportunity to be Conected with each other.